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Stihl MS 881 Chainsaw Price, A Stihl MS 881 chainsaw review will cover key features, including tool-free oil-filling and sprocket-case captive nuts. It also has a newly designed oil pump that regulates bar delivery based on engine RPM – a feature important for extended bar lengths. Among other features, it also has a tool-free start-stop and decompression switch, and ElastoStart, which reduces the compression shock when using it.

If you need to cut a tree or limb, STIHL’s MS 462 R C-M chainsaw is the tool for you. The MS 462 R has an excellent power-to-weight ratio and wrap-handle design for increased control. The MS 462 R C-M also comes with STIHL’s anti-vibration system, a slim sprocket cover, and a non-electronic carburetor. The wrap-handle design is a comfortable and versatile tool. It offers uncompromised acceleration and a smooth cutting action.

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Stihl MS 881 Chainsaw comes with a unique chain stopping system that significantly reduces the risk of injury from kickback situations. Activated by the operator, the STIHL Quickstop(r) chain brake will prevent chain rotation if the saw kicks back with sufficient force. The chain brake can be activated manually, too, in certain working positions. STIHL Quickstop(r) chainsaws are color-coded according to their kickback compliance.

The STIHL ElastoStart chain saw combines a manual fuel pump and a decompression valve for a smooth start and less effort. This combination helps protect the engine and chain from damage caused by cutting dust and other contaminants. Its durable design also reduces the need for frequent maintenance. Typical internal combustion engines create jerky stresses during cranking, which puts a strain on the muscle groups. The ElastoStart has a damping element located in the special starter grip that alternately absorbs and releases force based on the compression pattern. This means that the engine starts smoothly and quietly.

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Another impressive feature is the STIHL ElastoStart chain saw’s Master Control Lever, an easy-to-use single lever that controls the choke, starting throttle lock, and on-off switch. Its trigger must be pulled before moving to the choke position. The saw is also equipped with an Adjustable Automatic Oiler (AAO) that allows you to adjust the lubricant used on the saw chain and guide bar. This tool will save you money on oil over time, as it requires less lubrication.

STIHL MS 661 C-M chainsaw has a professional grade design with improved power-to-weight ratio. It also features STIHL M-Tronic engine management system, which reduces vibration and offers 20% more fuel efficiency. Its ElastoStart(tm) handle will allow you to have more control while using long guide bars. Another feature of this chainsaw is its high-output adjustable oiler and anti-vibration system.

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The guide bar lengths for the Stihl MS 881 chainsaw vary depending on the model. For example, the MS 881 takes a 16″ or 18″ bar, while the MS 271 Farm Boss takes a 16″ to 20″ bar. Most Stihl chainsaws are compatible with Guide bar lengths from 16″ to 20″. These saws have a medium 3003 mount and use a 30-03 mount.

There are three main sizes of Stihl bars. There are large, medium, and small. The guide bar lengths on these saws are determined by the drive sprocket. To ensure the proper chain length, the gauges must be the same. If you’re not sure which size you need, you can check the specs in the table below. Purchasing the right bar for a Stihl saw can be tricky. Fortunately, there are many aftermarket parts stores online.

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STIHL MS 881 chainsaw is the largest model in the company’s line-up. It features an updated engine design, 41″ guide bar length, and an efficient stop switch. The MS 881 has a wide range of features, including time-saving features like tool-free oil filler caps, and a side-access chain tensioner. It’s also easy to use and is equipped with safety features like a decompression switch.

The MS 881 is one of the world’s most powerful petrol chainsaws, and has earned the respect of the arboriculture and forestry industries. Its predecessor, the MS 880, had been a top seller, so it’s only fitting that this model has followed the same path. This model is the ultimate tool for demanding lumber jobs. The chain is made of magnesium, and it uses the company’s own magnesium casting facility for the crankcase.

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We will start our STIHL ms 881 chain saw review with a quick overview of the chainsaw’s main features. For intensive forestry work, this chainsaw is ideal. It can cope with the tough conditions when harvesting big timber. In addition, this saw can be easily fitted to a saw frame. The chainsaw also has a strong engine that powers the chain. However, we’ll look at the STIHL ms 881 chainsaw review to help us decide whether or not to purchase it.

The STIHL MS 881 petrol chainsaw is compatible with the Stihl.404” Rapid Super Chain, and is equipped with a sealed bearing in the sprocket nose. The chainsaw has a handguard and an unrounded handlebar for added safety. Weighing only eight pounds, the MS 881 is very easy to handle and can be paired with a heavy-duty workbench.

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The chainsaw comes with an all-new 2-MIX motor that complies with strict EU emissions regulations. Its aggressive design is also an added bonus, while its auto-restart feature ensures a quick restart once the user turns the stop switch. For safety and convenience, we like that the chainsaw comes with a decompression button for the cord to be plugged in. Captive nuts are also standard across the entire professional chainsaw range.

Stihl MS 881 Chainsaw has an incredible 6.4 kW output, making it the most powerful series-produced chainsaw in the world. Whether professional logging or arboriculture work, this chainsaw will be perfect for the job. Its easy-to-maintain components include an efficient HD2 filter and a premium oil pump. However, if you’re not a professional arboricultural worker, STIHL’s MS 881 might not be right for you.

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STIHL first patented an anti-vibration system in 1964. This system uses rubber elements to separate the engine from the handle, reducing vibration levels. This feature was added to the production of the STIHL Contra in 1965 and is now a standard feature on the 041 chainsaw. STIHL is proud of its anti-vibration system and believes it helps the user get the job done faster and safer.

The MS 881 has a wide variety of features. This chainsaw features an updated engine design and a 41-inch guide bar. Despite the new design, the MS 881 delivers the same power as the MS 880, with slightly less fuel consumption and reduced exhaust emissions. Its improved engine design also means fewer emissions, and it’s easier to adjust the carburetor. The saw’s engine also includes an HD2 filter and a premium oil pump to improve efficiency and extend service life.

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How much does a stihl ms 881 cost?

$2,179.99. The largest and most powerful saw in the STIHL series. For the biggest, most demanding and demanding tasks, professionals will find the power they need with the MS 881 chainsaw.

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