SGS Gastro

SGS Gastro stands at the top his Quality as well as the diversity his gastronomic products. it lasts more than 1000 product range under one roof . With the fast order preparation become assignments before Midday on the same day to the freight hand over .

For Her gastronomic needs can She out of hundreds from products that select that _ to Them fits . it is the Choice from professionals with affordable prices as well as quality products . spare Parts for our Products with 1 year _ Spare parts guarantee sold become , receive She after Expiration of the warranty period.

SGS Gastro, in the industry for 20 years active, will from many users preferred. If Restaurant, snack bar, or bakery. All consumables and devices that _ Her catering business needed , can She secure at SGS Gastro buy.

Our warehouse in Germany located themselves near _ from Munich. All deliveries after Europe take place from this camp off.

The Product groups in our wide product range are :

Pizza oven , pizza conveyor ovens , convection oven or combi steamers , cooking appliances series , contact grill , crepes machine , pancakes machine , kebab grill , kebab knife , bakery oven , dough kneading machines , dough sheeters , pizza cooling tables , saladettes , chicken grills , refrigerators stainless steel , freezers Stainless steel , beverage refrigerators , cooling tables , doner kebab tables , display cases / cooling attachments , vegetable cutters , bone saws , meat grinders with cooling , bread slicers , potato peeler machines , Kumpir potato ovens , mixers , steam ovens , samowers / tea makers , electric Juice dispenser , contact grill , waffle tin , griddle , salamander / pita grill , conveyor toaster , heat bridges , knife sterilizer , serving trolley , hamburger machine , dough containers , dishwashers , cutlery polishing machines , glass polishing machines , hand wash basins , stainless steel furniture , sales counters / sales refrigeration.

with all his products can She Your catering supplies fast and reliable shopping. We speak all huge and small company with the opportunity of installment sales. We offer one wide range of products with one Understanding for quality products and appropriate prices. With expert Support can

She technical information to everyone received products request and itself advise let . the right one Pursue the right Products to suggest and she in addition to bring , them according to her Purpose to use , stimulated as well as the lifespan of product as also your work. We expect She at www.sgs- for Her All catering equipment inquiries.

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