Makita DUC353Z Chainsaw Review

Makita DUC353Z is specifically designed for small, low-powered saws, allowing you to use less power for a narrow kerf than with the standard 91PX cutting system. The Oregon 90PX chain is compatible with the Makita 16-inch, 36-volt cordless saw. This chain is 11/64″ (4,5 mm) in diameter and will fit the Makita model 496.

In order to purchase the right file for your saw chain, you must check the order number on the machine. You can find it under Accessories. The file should have a diameter of three sixteenths to seven-thirds of an inch. The file is centered 10deg on the guide bar. If the file is not the correct size, go to a MAKITA service center to get a replacement.

Makita-496-Chain-2 Makita DUC353Z Chainsaw Review
The low-kickback performance of the Makita DUC353Z saw is designed to ensure safe use. The kickback tendency increases with increased speed of contact and a dull or poorly sharpened chain. For this reason, MAKITA developed a special chain brake that prevents kickbacks by stopping the chain within a fraction of a second, protecting the operator’s hands. The radius of the guide bar nose also increases the kickback tendency. MAKITA developed a guide bar with a small nose radius.

Makita duc353z cordless chainsaw

This chain saw is equipped with a low-kickback feature that can be used on smaller, lightweight saws. The chain has a low kickback pitch, a low-kickback performance, and a notched bumper drive link. Oregon labeled their low-kickback chain with a green label, while their non-low kickback chain is marked with a yellow label. The safety features help reduce the kickback hazard dramatically. However, it is important to remember that ALL CHAINS may cause kickback and potentially lead to serious injury.

Before sharpening your Makita DUC353Z chainsaw, you should first understand the purpose of the sharpener and the chain’s pitch. Pitch is the average distance between rivets, and there are three typical chain pitches. These pitches can be found on your saw, and you can also learn more about these pitches in a video made by professional tree feller Corey Thayer. For additional information, visit the MAKITA website.

Makita duc353z replacement chain

First, put on safety gloves. Then, use a filing gauge or sharpening file to keep the right angle. To file your chain, hold the handle with one hand and file past the cutting tooth with the other. Be sure to rotate your file regularly to prevent wear and tear on the saw. Sharpening the Makita DUC353Z chainsaw is very easy when you follow the guidelines. For beginners, it may take a bit of practice but it is possible to achieve the same results by following the steps listed above.

Once you are comfortable with the chainsaw, you can begin sharpening it. To do this, remove the sprocket guard and clean it thoroughly. Also, remove the guide bar and chain. Wear protective gloves while sharpening the chain. If you haven’t already done so, follow the steps in the manual. You can also take your time to adjust the chain tension. The MAKITA saw’s chain tension is very important.

Makita-496-Chain-1 Makita DUC353Z Chainsaw Review

Makita 36v 14 cordless chainsaw duc353z

Once you are confident in your abilities to sharpen a Makita DUC353Z, you can now begin sawing on it. Using the proper chain sharpening equipment, you can quickly learn to sharpen your chain at home. It may sound difficult at first, but with the right tools and care, it is easy to learn to sharpen your chain. With practice, anyone can sharpen the chain and make it safe for use.

Ensure the chain tension before and after each use. Tighten the chain securely and tighten the hexagonal nut on the sprocket guard before starting any work. After tensioning the chain, check for loose links and tighten the chain before starting any work. Proper chain tension is important to avoid unnecessary damages and premature breakdown of the chainsaw. For optimum performance, run the saw without overheating it.

If you notice that your chain is catching on your tool, check its chain. If the chain is bent or twisted, contact the manufacturer to fix the problem. Alternatively, you can seek repair from MAKITA service centers. You should never use a recalled product. Please note that it is illegal to resell recalled products. The company is located in La Mirada, Calif., and has received three reports of flywheel breakage. No injuries have been reported as a result of this problem.

Makita duc353z 350mm 18v bl lxt

Before performing maintenance, make sure to remove the sprocket guard to inspect the guide bar. The guide bar has bearings and oiling holes, so you should clean it regularly. If your chain is worn, the sprockets should be replaced. Moreover, wear-out sprockets can damage a new chain, so it is important to replace them. If you want to change the chain, you should remove the sprockets first. When you take out the sprocket, the chain will pop out of its groove.

If the guide bar tip of your chain saw comes into contact with a hard object, you should use a safety shield. Contacting any hard surface with the tip of the guide bar can cause serious injury. The chain brake will stop the chain in a fraction of a second, protecting your hands. If you are not familiar with the chain brake, check the manual to see which parts can be used with the saw. Remember to use the correct chain brake and safety equipment.

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